Moka Muskets and Mayhem

In the field: re-tracing a Soldier

Status: in production, ongoing and self-funded.
Produced by Brent Kerehona
Directed, filmed and edited by Kris Kerehona

In the Field: Re-tracing a Soldier is a six part short documentary series based on the historical book Born for War. An intimate portrait about my brother ex-soldier Brent Kerehona and our ancestorsʼ experiences and stories in war. Starting with the Musket Wars, New Zealand Land Wars, World War I and II and the Vietnam war. The series will chronicle the wartime experiences of Australian and New Zealander soldiers, from the perspective of their descendant, Brent Kerehona. In the Field: Re-tracing a Soldier is a factual, historic and cultural story which will take you to the battles to explore the psychology and tactics of the men from whom Brent Kerehona is descended. 
The series will inspire and educate audiences to undertake their own quests of discovery; how they can trace their ancestors' journeys, discover the places they saw and what they experienced.